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Performance and security properties are examined, based on existing research and publications. That means that most literature gives an overview of existing platforms, but does little to help developers to choose an adequate platform for their project. Thomas Schlögl . This will show the advantages of unikernels for cloud services and the need for good tooling to ease the transition for developers, that want to take use of this lightweight and secure alternative. Die zunehmende Technifizierung des Alltages lässt die Anzahl von Internet of Things Geräten geradezu explodieren. Features Fullscreen sharing Embed Statistics Article stories Visual Stories SEO. Zu den EDV Fertigkeiten zählen der Umgang mit dem Computer und die Beherrschung einer Programmiersprache. Um dies zu erforschen, wurden zu Beginn der Arbeit umfassende Analysen über bestehende Frameworks, die Anforderungen durch Machine Learning, sowie die Anforderungen an Monitoring von Serverless Functions, basierend auf relevanter Literatur durchgeführt. To this end, this thesis proposes a Variable Neighborhood Search (VNS) and experimentally evaluates various aspects of it. Wintersemester 2020/2021. Menschen reagieren auf aktuelle Geschehnisse und häufig treffen dabei grundlegend verschiedene Meinungen aufeinander. Die Folgen von ADHS sind häufig Verhaltensprobleme und Lernschwächen im schulischen und familiären Bereich. Sommersemester 2014. In order to complete admission for the summer semester, you must pay the Austrian Students’ Union fee for the summer semester. Based on a literature research on the methods to characterize mobile communication networks, the quick, data-saving, and accurate method CRUSP was selected. Memory unsafe languages are prone to memory corruptions and, as a result, to control-flow hijacking. In ever growing complex computer systems, the large amount of different settings for different software can easily lead to misconfiguration. These results imply that a heuristic set can be arranged in advance so it consists only of guidelines suitable for automation. The research question is, if a classifier can predict the risk classes of air traffic scenarios. Wintersemester 2015/16. The performance of different methods can be very hard to predict, as some of our results are very unexpected. Weight Learning in LP^MLN for Collective Classification, Sequent-Type Calculi for Variants of Default Logic. Research. Consumers can find it hard for themselves to choose the next board game to delve into, and often rely on curated lists and expert recommendations. A prototype of such a system is created based on the ERC-1400 group of token standards, requirements elicited from existing projects and legal needs. The first algorithm, which we present is similar to other graph partitioning approaches, since it utilizes recursive splitting in order to guarantee a logarithmic runtime wrt. Diff algorithms which work on the abstract syntax trees can, for example, mark changes in the code which have no effect on the runtime behavior of the program. dass alle drei Eigenschaften nicht gleichzeitig maximiert werden können. Networking event in Salzburg, Austria by Uni 55-Plus and Universität Salzburg on Monday, February 3 2020 Ethereum is such a cryptocurrency platform, which supports the execution of programs, called smart contracts, on its blockchain. Lehre im Sommersemester 2020; Lehre im Sommersemester 2020. Er deckt außerdem alle wesentlichen Anforderungen für die Entwicklung eines IoT-Systems ab und lässt sich architekturübergreifend einsetzen. The evaluation of the test process by SPICE immediately creates potential for improvement, which can be implemented by various measures. Secure, Cost-Efficient and Redundant Data Placement in the Cloud, Routing Algorithms in Blockchain-based Payment Channel Networks, A Continuous Delivery Strategy for Unikernel-Based Cloud Services, Untersuchung über die derzeitigen Stärken und Schwächen von Serverless Edge Analytics unter Berücksichtigung derzeitiger Werkzeuge und Frameworks, Optimized Container Scheduling for Serverless Edge Computing. Durch die Einbindung der Cloud sollen lokale Installationen von Entwicklungssoftware verringert werden und auf längere Sicht obsolet gemacht werden. September. Unser Sommer 2020 - sportlich in Österreich! We assume that processes within this grid communicate with certain neighboring processes as defined by a given stencil. In this thesis we investigate in detail the theory and practice of weight learning in LP MLN for collective classification problems. Immanent features of the created learning process are self-directed anatomy learning, less cognitive load, concentration increase, longer preserved satisfaction, new anatomical knowledge, and better spatial abilities compared to traditional learning. Ähnliche Dokumente . Comparison of Ethereum and NEO as smart contract platforms, Agent-based non-intrusive methodology for characterizing reactive mobile communication networks, Analyse von Konsens-Mechanismen in Smart Contract Plattformen. Studierende, die im Sommersemester 2020 einen Erasmus+ Aufenthalt absolvieren möchten, können sich von 15.09. bis 15.10. um einen Restplatz bewerben. Als zweites Ziel wird versucht, mehrere fehlende Rankings zu ersetzen und diese dann mithilfe von Social Welfare Funktionen zu aggregieren. Die Einführung von NVIDIAs Turing Architektur kombiniert mit der Erweiterung der Grafikschnittstelle DirectX erlaubte erstmals den Einsatz von Echtzeit-Strahlenverfolgung in grafischen Echtzeit-Anwendungen. Unlike classical logic, they are often capable of reasoning in situations with inconsistent or vague information. Durch den empirischen Teil dieser Arbeit können folgende Schlüsse gezogen werden: Der Stack eignet sich für eine Verwendung auf Embedded Devices und lässt sich mit wenig Aufwand auf weitere Plattformen portieren, wobei jedoch spezifische Anpassungen getätigt werden müssen. The results showed that no single, generally preferable approach exists for such a system. FIW Presseveranstaltungen. Durch die Resultate der prototypischen Implementierung dieser Diplomarbeit kann das Verständnis der projektbezogene Softwarearchitektur verbessert werden. Zusätzlich werden heuristische Verbesserungsmethoden vorgestellt. On the Ethereum blockchain, millions of USD are paid in form of gas fees every single day. Für die Implementierung wurde Unity verwendet, da für bestimmte Operationen auf die integrierte Physik-Engine zurückgegriffen wird. Since the chosen subset includes items with high development effort that are not interesting from a parsing point of view, and because of problems with the conclusiveness of the survey, we choose the implemented subset ourselves. Das Kolloquium findet (soweit unten nicht anders angegeben) jeweils montags 17:15 Uhr im Hörsaal P des Physikalischen Instituts auf dem Hubland Campus Süd der Universität … Head Pose Estimation HPE links AR managed by the framework ARCore with 3D anatomy models from BP3D and anatomy information from the FMA to educate the general public in anatomy. Viele computerbasierte therapeutische Ansätze zur Behandlung von ADHS sind für Kinder ausgelegt und daher zur Behandlung von Jugendlichen schlecht geeignet. Lukas Nagl. Multi-Modal Fusion of Depth and Thermal Images for Human Behavior Modeling. Our results show that the additional layer of a configuration specification varies in the detection rate of errors. Untersuchungsmethoden im Bereich Pupillendiagnostik könnten einen passenden Zusatz zu dieser Arbeit bilden. An adapted user-centered design process was applied, with focus on user research and prototyping. We found 471 rule violations in our test data set spread across 204 different contract files. Payments are not immediately settled on the blockchain but stored in a so-called payment channel which connects payer and payee. Due to their heterogeneous nature, edge computing environments are suffering from high complexity. We prove that the resulting model profiles are sufficient enough for runtime verification. Außerdem wird die Umstellung des Konsens-Mechanismus von Proof-of-Work zu Proof-of-Stake in der Ethereum-Plattform anhand Ihres Einflusses auf zukünftige Smart Contracts analysiert. In a first step, the theories and their axiomatizations are motivated from the constructive standpoint. Typically, an analytic calculus for a logic is obtained in two steps: 1) finding the calculus that represent the features of the logic and showing that it is sound and complete, 2) showing that the calculus is analytic by providing a proof of the cut elimination theorem. Qualitative evaluation indicates that the processed images are clearer, the shoeprints are sharper and the noise is reduced. In order to integrate and manage containers at scale in a cluster, multiple container orchestration platforms have been introduced, with Kubernetes becoming the de-facto standard. We will look into how different platforms try to advance this field. Durch die automatische oder teilautomatische Erstellung von digitalen Inhalten kann die Kreativität gefördert, neue Erfahrungen angeboten, und Entwicklungskosten reduziert werden. The aim of this scientific work is to investigate the extent to which the needs and expectations towards ELGA, the Austrian model of the electronic health record, by Internet-savvy elderly people are covered in order to define and assess development potentials for the EHR in Austria. The question arises, how a client software can be constructed, so that Ethereum can be usable again on resource-constrained devices. For this reason, third-party services have to be trusted to guarantee the correctness of the gathered data. Studies mention attention overload leading to negative effects influencing us daily. Das Betriebssystem Android liegt mit knapp 85% Marktanteil weltweit an führender Position, und der Android eigene Google Play Store verzeichnet rund 2.8 Millionen mobile Anwendungen, die vielen Menschen den Mehrwert ihrer tragbaren Geräte aufzeigen. The quality of the error messages though perform significantly better due to an uniform and standardized error message. Damit Blockchains Ihr volles ökonomisches Potential ausschöpfen können, muss eine gute Skalierbarkeit gegeben sein. Close. Titel. Uni wien ferien sommersemester 2020. In order for the abstraction of the formalization to give reliable guarantees, soundness of the abstraction has to be shown. Die geforderten Fähigkeiten für erfolgreiches Verständnis des Programmierens sind mathematischer, logischer und EDV-technischer Natur. All three implementations offered different advantages and disadvantages in the form of a trade-off between flexibility and development speed. The main methods used to collect data are a quantitative survey and a qualitative interview. Das Aufkommen von kostengünstigen Tiefen- und Thermalkameras eröffnet diesbezüglich neue Möglichkeiten. Februar 2021. Insgesamt fünf Untersuchungsmethoden wurden konzipiert, um die okulomotorischen Bewegungen und das Gesichtsfeld zu untersuchen. The prototype analyzed 3,018 verified open source smart contracts from As comfort is generally seen as the user’s subjective feeling, objective comfort measures are defined that approximate a person’s comfort for a given seating surface. In another implementation-variant, we adapted this algorithm for accommodating differently shaped stencils by weighting dimensions before the recursive splitting depending on how much communication happens across them. Possible security breaches or other faulty actions of the cloud storage provider can lead to unwanted disclosure of sensitive data. End-to-end encryption has become a requirement for secure messaging, which has improved a lot since Signal introduced the Double Ratcheting algorithm for end-to-end encryption. We introduce the Skippy scheduler, which extends the default Kubernetes scheduler with domain-specific priority functions in order to increase the placement quality for functions in mixed cloud-edge clusters. Die verwendeten Bilder sind jedoch für Aufgaben wie die Detektion, die Segmentierung und die Erkennung von Personen vergleichsweise ungeeignet, weil Personen leicht mit dem Hintergrund verschmelzen. The model we developed using SentiStrength sentiment algorithm achieves accuracy of 63% in predicting increase or decrease in bitcoin exchange rate. The applicability of a logic depends heavily on the existence of a corresponding analytic calculus, i.e. Ubiquity of the Internet has made it a valuable data source, and products such as Twitter and Google Trends implement APIs that make that data available to us. EPILOG Sommersemester 2020. The objective of this thesis is to present and compare different approaches to constructive set theories in a comprehensible and self-contained fashion and thereby demonstrate its potential for applications in automated deduction and automated theorem proving. Die Anwendbarkeit jedes Algorithmus auf moderne Renderer-Architekturen mit Forward Shading, Deferred Shading sowie Anti-Aliasing Post-Processing wurde evaluiert. Wizard City … In particular, we are interested in scheduling a set of jobs without preemption while minimizing the objective function. However, handling unit deletions is still desirable, as they can be a byproduct of advanced inprocessing techniques in a solver that is hard to avoid without extra costs. Therefore, batterylifetime and low latency requirements are gaining more and more importance for the end users’ experience. Furthermore, it develops a generic, architectural modernization process, which shall help banks and CBS vendors to transform their systems into an updated state of the art framework, which satisfies their current and future strategic requirements. AKULTÄT FÜR - D. EKANAT -PHYSIKALISCHES KOLLOQUIUM . Kommentare. To answer these research questions, a mixed-methods approach consisting of both qualitative and quantitative research has been utilized. Semi- and fully-incremental versions of this algorithm are designed and their correctness is established by a semi-formal proof. The main theories discussed in the thesis are Brouwerian set theory, the axiomatic Zermelo-Fraenkel-style set theories IZF and CZF and Martin-Löf’s set theory ML. Die Erstkoordinierung basiert auf initialen Anfragen der Fluglinien für Ankunfts- und Abflugslots. a deductive system where the proof search is performed by stepwise decomposition of the formulas to be proved. Das USI-Wien hat euch für den kommenden Sommer ein umfangreiches Angebot in Dienten am Hochkönig vorbereitet. Die Emotionen schaukeln sich hoch und immer häufiger führt dies zu Beleidigungen und Hassreden. Publications; Collaboration; Projects. 30.01.2020 ... Universität Wien Franz-Klein-Gasse 1 A-1190 Wien +43-1-4277-406 01 Klass-Archaeologie @ Since the discovery of the Curry-Howard-correspondence we know of the deep-lying connections between computability and provability in intuitionistic logic. Further research is needed for validation in a 5G network and to identify optimal CRUSP configurations for different conditions. The evaluation was performed based on a system offering five commonly used image transformations. This however leads to the problem, that the representation and storage of AML as XML file is often insufficient in the sense of, e.g., querying or access control. Das Tool wurde mit Unity entwickelt und läuft auf einem Computer, der mit dem HMD FOVE, das über ein integriertes Eye-Tracking System verfügt, verbunden ist. In order to predict and handle the mobility of mobile device users in an edge environment, two real data traces are used for evaluation. To find a cost-efficient placement solution, we formulate a global optimization approach that takes into account historical data access information and ensures predefined Quality-of-Service (QoS) requirements. Die Algorithmen werden anhand von operativen Daten des Wiener Flughafens hinsichtlich der Optimierungsziele evaluiert. via email, such as Automation Markup Language (AML). In mobile cloud computing parts of applications are offloaded to a remote cloud server in order to save energy on the mobile devices. The derived set is then analysed in accordance with the feasibility of its automation. Das Studienjahr ist eingeteilt in Wintersemester und Sommersemester. Although the theoretical bound of this approach is not as good as the first, this assignment strategy yielded the most compact mappings most of the time. We write, generate and integrate parsing code, creating 8 new Elektra plugins, and extend one of Elektra’s existing plugins in the process. Um Softwaresysteme aus Komponenten aufzubauen, müssen diese über ihre Schnittstellen gut miteinander kommunizieren können. The two classifiers are compared by using the metrics precision and recall. We identified 19 optimization strategies from the field of software engineering, which can be applied to Solidity smart contracts in order to reduce the required gas cost. Jeder Lernende entwickelt eine Komponente alleine, und danach integrieren die Lernenden in Team-Arbeit diese Einzelkomponenten zu einem funktionierenden Software-System. Auf diese Weise erzeugt der Algorithmus mehrere Pareto-effiziente Lösungen mit unterschiedlicher Zeitabweichung und Fragmentierung, einem Maß für die einheitliche Zuweisung von Serien. Anschließend wurden die Anforderungen und Merkmale der zu entwickelnden Web-App festgelegt. November 2020 Die meisten bestehenden Herangehensweisen behandeln die künstliche Synthese von Stadtlayouts und setzen nur bedingt reale Daten ein. Wintersemester 2014/15. Antrags- und Zulassungsfristen für Studien ohne Aufnahme-/Eignungsverfahren, Antrags- und Zulassungsfristen für Studien mit Aufnahme-/Eignungsverfahren, Mitteilungsblätter - Richtlinien, Verordnungen, Öffnungs-/Schließzeiten Universitätsgebäude, lehrveranstaltungsfreie Zeit ("Semesterferien"), lehrveranstaltungsfreie Zeit ("Sommerferien"). Modulabschlussprüfungen Sommersemester 2020. Hand osteoarthritis is one type, affecting hands and fingers, and thereby challenging an individual’s daily life. Durch die Unterstützung von Live Code Reloading kann die Entwicklung von neuen Systemen beschleunigt und durch Code-Reuse über Anwendungen und Plattformen hinweg auch die Wartbarkeit verbessert werden. Schließlich wird ein neues System zur Reduzierung der Anzahl an verfolgten Strahlen vorgeschlagen, um das notwendige Zeitbugdet pro Bild einhalten zu können. One of those promising platforms is NEO. Bei der Analyse der 5.800 Google Play Store-Anwendungen durch die angebundenen Werkzeuge sowie die Sicherheitseinstufung, der in der Arbeit definierten Kategorien mangelnder Angriffsschutz, Sicherheitsinvalidierung, anwendungsübergreifende Zugriffskontrolle, Datenlecks und Eingabevalidierung, wurde bei rund 76% der untersuchten Anwendungen mindestens ein schwerwiegender Sicherheitsverstoß festgestellt. forward messages, it is usually not end-to-end encrypted. Also, we build a vector autoregression model that is used to successfully forecast bitcoin exchange rate and bitcoin trading volume. The purpose of this study is to show that even though GUI testing and usability testing are two distinct fields, they might influence each other. Montag, 01. Wintersemester 2017/18. To conclude, Wire has a good security level but has room for several improvements. Hier wird optimalerweise ein Ranking erstellt, das einem aggregierten Ranking mit den realen Daten so ähnlich wie möglich ist. We concentrate on the subproblem of finding feasible daily schedules, as recently introduced by Horn et al. Das Ergebnis der sicherheitskritisch eingestuften Anwendungen variiert dabei in den unterschiedlichen Google Play Store-Kategorien. Therefore, a greedy heuristic and two neighborhood structures for local search are proposed. Das soziale Netzwerk Facebook bietet Raum für Diskussionen zu verschiedensten Themen. Oktober 2020 bis Sonntag, 28. This thesis closes the gap by performing an in-depth comparison between Ethereum and NEO. Anschließend werden zwei Fallstudien durchgeführt, die einerseits die Entwicklung auf Basis des portierten Stacks und andererseits dessen Kompatibilität und Eigenschaften untersuchen. This persuasiveness did have a surprising correlation with our other results. In this thesis we introduce different algorithms for mapping physical processes to Cartesian grids. The fifth generation of mobile communication networks (5G) is just around the corner, and its flexibility makes the characterization of it interesting for end users. This framework embodies the execution-based model profiling as a continuous process to improve prescriptive models at design-time through runtime information. First-order properties in trace logic involve reasoning about natural numbers and integers, and thus impose the burden of automating inductive reasoning in the full first-order setting of theorem proving. Tiefen- und Thermalbilder ergänzen sich somit bei Aufgaben aus dem Bereich der Verhaltensmodellierung, Forschungsarbeiten zu diesem Thema sind jedoch selten. That means, roundabout 6.8% of the data set violated at least one of the rules. proposed a complete optimization approach and showed its effectiveness to obtain globally optimal solutions for a diverse set of instances. This thesis describes the design, implementation, and evaluation of an integrated, latency-, and capability-aware scheduler for running a Function-as-a-Service platform in a mixed cloud-edge computing environment. For the metaheuristic approaches the aim is to show that they produce near-optimal solution for smaller instances, but also scale well to very large instances. To remedy that, the semantic diff algorithms are combined with approaches to continuously track changes of source code without relying on the developer to record fixed points in time with explicit commits. Automatic competitive analysis of real-time scheduling algorithms for firm-deadline tasks with non-preemptible sections and precedence constraints, An Extension Framework for Epistemic Reasoning in Byzantine Distributed Systems. In this thesis, a computational furniture design framework to generate personalized seating surfaces is proposed. Weitere ausgestellte AbsolventInnen dieses Arbeitsbereichs: Institut für Institute of Computer Engineering, Research Division of Embedded Computing Systems, Institut für Institute of Logic and Computation, Research Division of Algorithms and Complexity, Research Division of Knowledge Based Systems, Research Division of Formal Methods in Systems Engineering, Research Division of Security and Privacy, Institut für Institute of Visual Computing and Human-Centered Technology, Research Division of Multidisciplinary Design, Research Division of Human Computer Interaction, Institut für Institute of Information Systems Engineering, Research Division of Information and Software Engineering, Research Division of Business Informatics, Research Division of Compilers and Languages.

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